We released our first Handbook in 1998, and have since produced over a dozen Handbooks on various democratic processes, written and edited by renowned experts in their fields.


Since our founding in 1996, we have produced hundreds of thematic reports on every aspect of democracy, with a special focus on democratic processes at the national and regional levels.

Policy Papers

We work closely with policymakers in various fields relating to democracy support. Our Policy Paper series provides up-to-date knowledge and advice for democratic decision-makers.


Our databases and tools are designed for use by communities of practice and individuals supporting democracy, and we provide detailed Guides to ensure they are used effectively.

Training materials

We have established strong links with educational materials, and have produced a number of curricula and training materials for practitioners working in democracy support.

Discussion Papers

Leading and informing debates on democratic reform processes is a cornerstone of our work. Our Discussion Paper series aims to stimulate extended conversations on these topics

Policy Briefs

Written with today’s policymakers in mind, our Policy Brief series provides concise information and practical recommendations on democratic reform processes.


Our Primers provide guidance for intergovernmental organizations and other actors working to provide well-informed, context-relevant support to local decision-makers.

Event reports

We organize a wide range of conferences, workshops and high-level events. Documenting these events ensures that we capture the knowledge produced within our networks.

Reference materials

As a producer of comparative knowledge, from time to time we produce glossaries and dictionaries of terms, as well as other reference materials for democratic practitioners.

Fact Sheets

Written with today’s democracy practitioners in mind, our Fact Sheet series provides rapid-response, concise information on democratic reform processes.

External publication

Constitution Briefs

International IDEA’s Constitution Briefs provide basic information about the nature and functions of constitutions and are intended for use by constitution makers and other democratic actors and stakeholders.

GSoD In Focus

The Global State of Democracy (GSoD) In Focus series applies the GSoD Indices data to current issues, providing evidence-based analysis and insights into the contemporary democracy debate.

Technical paper

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