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Government and experts look for answers in reforming financing of politics

The seminar, 'Financing of Politics: Challenges for Reform', aimed to create a joint diagnostic assessment on the strengths and weaknesses of the current system of financing of political parties and electoral campaigns. The ultimate goal of the event was to develop a new bill that is supported by the necessary consensus.


In Latin America and the Caribbean, considerable steps have been taken to strengthen democracy. However, with some of the world’s most blatant levels of inequality present in the region, people’s confidence in the consequences of democracy can be easily shaken.

We focus on electoral integrity and electoral justice, particularly money in politics and the funding of political parties. We also concentrate on constitutional reform processes and the interface between democracy and its capacity to deliver, in terms of citizen security.

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We began sponsoring activities in Peru during the early days of the transitional government and opened a national programme office in 2002.

We joined forces with several national and international organizations to publish the State of Democracy report, outlining the challenges facing Peru’s democratic system. We have collaborated on a variety of initiatives to strengthen institutions and democratic processes including offering assistance to political parties, offering assistance to Congress and parliamentary groups, offering assistance to electoral institutions to improve their technical, regulatory and oversight capabilities, especially with regard to gender equality, and promoting dialogue, consensus building among political and social leaders.


Present in Haiti since September 2011, International IDEA has been enhancing democratic governability and political participation and representation.

The Haiti office focuses on the strengthening of political parties and parliament and supports the political participation of youth and women. We organize workshops and training with political parties, facilitates inter-party dialogue and has launched a study on the state of political parties in Haiti. Additionally, we work with parliament to foster effective legislative agenda setting and provides punctual technical assistance to parliamentary commissions and individual legislators. Our work with strategic partnerships with local women’s and youth associations to foster the political integration of women and youth through sensitization campaigns and training sessions.


Since 2000, Bolivia has been going through an important historic period distinguished by the dominance of social movements (particularly indigenous) in the reconfiguration of power, plus the growing participation of women in the public agenda, demanding recognition of their political role.

This period has included a new constitution and new laws. Our expert knowledge contribute to the drafting process and discussion of new laws, mainly through technical assistance to generate inputs, providing comparative knowledge and providing opportunities for dialogue between legislators and citizens. We continue to work in Bolivia on building intercultural democracy by strengthening the programmatic nature of national and regional political organizations and promoting the political participation of women’s perspective of political pluralism, ethnic cultural diversity and democratic civic culture.


Opened in 2016, the International IDEA office in Chile serves as the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean.

From there we work with democratic institutions throughout Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region to increase the effectiveness and legitimacy of democracy, its institutions and to support gender equality in politics. Based on a geographic approach, our LAC programme responds to requests of regional, sub-regional and national actors, builds capacity through technical assistance, comparative applied knowledge resources and provides spaces for dialogue.  The LAC programme is a significant partner and an agenda setter in many countries where it provides expert technical assistance.


Our work in Mexico focuses on the promotion and evaluation of electoral equality policy and gender quotas and technical assistance, consultation and delivery of specialized knowledge on electoral and political party legislation, electoral systems and government.

This includes the organization of dialogues and the publication of academic texts and materials that reflect the comparative knowledge obtained from the academic activities implemented.

Networks & Partners

Coordinadora de la Mujer (Bolivia)
Fundación UNIR
FUNGLODE (Dominican Republic)
Institute of Legal Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (IIJ/UNAM)
Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD)
UN Women
Woodrow Wilson International Center

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