Where We Work

Where We Work

We work with local communities, democracy practitioners and partner organizations all over the world. We have global reach with our headquarters located in Stockholm and offices in 18 countries.


Our mission is to support sustainable democracy worldwide. We do this by producing and sharing comparative knowledge on the different aspects of democracy and by acting as a facilitator for the exchange of ideas and experiences on democracy. We use this knowledge to support democratic initiatives in different regions of the world and to champion for democracy in the United Nations and the European Union.

Africa & West Asia

Our work in supporting democracy in Africa and West Asia involves contributions from across all of our initiatives.

Asia & the Pacific

Our regional presence has grown from a country programme in Nepal to include offices in Australia and Myanmar.

Latin America & the Caribbean

In Latin America and the Caribbean we work with democratic institutions to increase the effectiveness and legitimacy of democratic reforms and to supporting gender equality in politics.


We launched our Wider Europe Programme in 2016 with the aim of reconnecting political parties and citizens in the region.

EU Office (Brussels)

Our office in Brussels champions sustainable democracy before the European Union institutions, the Council of Europe and the Belgian Government.

UN Office (New York)

The Office of the Permanent Observer for International IDEA to the United Nations promotes partnerships, multilateral dialogue and UN policies that advance democracy.