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Publishing, both through print and electronic means, is one of the most important ways in which we communicate information to our target audiences.

About our publications

International IDEA seeks to produce demand-driven publications on emerging issues in democracy and electoral assistance, and provide practical resources for those involved in democracy-building. In doing so, our aim is to ensure that information on democracy is more readily available and in a form that is easy-to-use and understand.

Our publications provide practitioners with tools, options, ideas and comparative perspectives (not prescriptions) on democracy-building and electoral issues. They also aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice by combining the best in academic thinking and research with practical experiences and insights.

In addition, we provide global data on elections and voter turnout; reinforce professional standards in the electoral field by formulating and producing codes of conduct and guidelines; and fully utilize electronic media to advance new types of publications and information.

Our publication formats

We released our first Handbook in 1998, and have since produced over a dozen Handbooks on various topics, written and edited by renowned experts in their fields. Since our founding in 1995, we also have produced hundreds of thematic reports on many aspects of democracy, with a special focus on democratic processes at the national and regional levels.

We work closely with policymakers in various fields relating to democracy support. Our Policy Paper series provides up-to-date knowledge and advice for democratic decision-makers. Our databases and tools are designed for use by communities of practice and individuals supporting democracy, and we provide detailed Guides to ensure they are used effectively.

We have established strong links with educational institutions, and produced a number of curricula and training materials for practitioners working in democracy support.

Ordering printed copies

The vast majority of our publications are available online in PDF format. Selected publications are also made available in epub and mobi formats.

We also print copies of selected publications, and many of these can be ordered directly from our website. Simply visit the page of the publication you are interested in ordering, click the 'Order print copy' link and enter your details.

Most publications are available free of charge and you will receive a confirmation email once the book has been sent from our warehouse. Limits apply to the number of copies you are able to order, but we will make exceptions for non-profit groups and other relevant communities of practice.

For more information contact us via email: publications@idea.int