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2021 Annual Outcome Report

In 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic continued to put a strain on democracy across the globe. Thirty-four stories...

Annual Outcome Report 2020: Defending Democracy

In 2020, International IDEA enjoyed one of its most visible and impactful years with its swift and comprehensive...

Annual Outcome Report 2019: Democracy In Action

This report highlights our stories about the results achieved with the support of our Member States, partners and...

Annual Outcome Report 2018

Inspiring change, achieving results






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Anniversary Publications

25th Anniversary

Event (2020)
Democracy: Now and Next (2020)

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20th Anniversary

Event (2015)
Democracy: Achievements and Challenges in the Past 20 Years and Prospects for the Future (2015)

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15th Anniversary

Book (2010)
15 Years of Supporting Democracy Worldwide

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10th Anniversary

Handbook (2005)
Ten Years of Supporting Democracy Worldwide

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