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Our office in Tunis has provided assistance to the Tunisian effort to organize free and fair elections. More specifically, we were asked to comment on the draft of the electoral law while it was still at a confidential stage.  We serve the Tunisian society by supporting women in parliament and engaging electoral management bodies and citizens in the use of our tools and workshops.

In 2013, Tunisia’s democratic transition was under serious threat. The assassination of opposition politicians precipitated widespread protest and social unrest, which led to the collapse of the government and paralyzed the National Constituent Assembly. Trust between political parties was at an all-time low and political polarization was seemingly entrenched. Ahead of the 2014 elections, we supported interparty dialogue which led to an agreement entitled the Charter of Honour for Tunisian Elections and Referendums.

Since then, International IDEA has continued to support the active participation of women and youth in political life through programmes such as the Youth Democracy Academy and the ‘Respect for Women’s Political Rights’ project.

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Tunisian women participate in a manifestation

Tunisian women participate in a rally

Photo: iKnow Politics

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Facilitator explaining the flow of the curriculum

Facilitator explaining the flow of the curriculum

Photo: Shana Kaiser | International IDEA

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