Surin Pitsuwan (deceased 30 November 2017)

Member of the Board of Advisers since 2012


Former Board Member

Surin Pitsuwan was the Chair of the International IDEA Board of Advisers from 2015-2017 and Board Member since 2012. He passed away in November 2017.

He was Professor Emeritus at Thammasat University, co-chair of the Commission on Human Security and Honorary Advisor under the King Prajadhipok Institute, and also served as the Future Innovative Thailand Institute as chairman.

Pitsuwan served as Secretary General of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) (2008–2012); a member of the parliament of Thailand since 1986. He served as Thailand's minister of foreign affairs (1992–2001), and has also served as deputy foreign affairs minister and assistant secretary to the minister of the interior.

Pitsuwan was a Trustee of the Asia Foundation since 2003 until his passing.