Antonio Nuñez García-Sauco

Member of the Board of Advisers since 2010


Former Board Member

Ambassador Nuñez García-Sauco is a Spanish diplomat who joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1971. Between 1973 and 1984 he served in the Spanish Ministry of Education and Sciences in various posts, including Secretary General and Director General of the National Institute for Special Education, and Secretary General of the Royal Association for Education and Care of Disadvantaged, with the rank of Secretary of State.

García-Saúco was Ambassador of Spain in Sweden (2010–2011), the Republic of Ecuatorial Guinea (1984–1987), Romania (1988–1991) and Australia (1992–1995). In 2000 he was nominated as Ambassador Permanent Representative of Spain to the International Organizations in Vienna, where he was chair of the International Atomic Energy Agency  Board of Governors.